Local Marketing for Field Service Businesses

Double, triple, or even
quadruple your leads

Looking to grow your field service company even faster? Of course you are! Drive more targeted traffic to your business with our network of Google My Business (GMB) Outposts.

A majority of field service companies NEVER experience what’s possible with online marketing. The lucky few that do receive a MASSIVE return on their investment.

As it stands, your company is in a fight for survival against competitors appearing ahead of you and more often than you in Google’s search results.

The internet completely changed the way customers find local service businesses. Before, prospects would flip through Yellow Pages—but now, it’s all about ranking on Google.

Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is where MANY prospects begin their search and eventually choose a service company to do business with.

Would you like that company to be yours? We want it to be.

Every business has access to one free Google My Business listing tied to their physical address. The Google map pack is the first thing potential customers see when searching for terms like: “roofing company near me.” The average local service business listing shows up in over 1,000 searches PER DAY through this tool.

We’ve spent the last 12 months identifying the exact activities that will allow you to dominate Google’s local search. More importantly we built an affordable system that scales

We do two things really really well:

1) Local SEO: Optimizing your free Google My business listing to eliminate common mistakes. We help your listing stand out from the crowd. This not only improves your ranking but also compels people to choose your field service company over the competition.

2) Outposts: Building, ranking and managing additional Google listings without you having to open up new brick and mortar locations (for each one) to verify with Google. We can spin up 5, 10 or even 20+ to dominate an area.

How do you scale with only one listing tied to your physical address?

It's hard. Especially when competitors eat into the leads from your service area. This is where Outposts come in:

We use our partner network to build, rank and manage verified google listings in all the areas you target for expansion. Each new location draws in a fresh set of clients who are searching locally for the services you provide. We have network coverage for Outposts in USA, Canada and the UK.

Each new Outpost location expands revenue, tracks search performance and routes leads and calls back to your main office.

We build, rank and manage each new Outpost for $69/month.

Land $20,000 worth of new cleaning business from your Outpost? Still $69/month.
Land $157,000 worth of new roofing contracts from your Outpost? Still $69/month.
Land $32,000 worth of landscaping work from your Outpost? Still $69/month.

Per location · Zero-surprise billing