Frequently Asked Questions

(because we know you probably have a ton!)

Is there a limit on how many locations I can purchase?

No, you can add as many locations as you want. Our service scales and can cover as many cities, townships or states/provinces as you want.

Do you charge me for incoming leads?

No. All organic leads are 100% yours. Even if your location lands 40 cleaning jobs worth $9,000 or 17 roofing contracts worth $150,000 all we charge you is your $69/month fee per location. Our goal is to be the no-brainer subscription you never cancel.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, however we do ask that you stay a member for 3 months minimum to get the most out of your location. After the three month mark all locations are month to month.

What happens to my locations if I cancel?

This rarely happens due to our competitive pricing and solid ROI but if you must cancel there are no hard feelings. We convert your location into part of our branded network and the incoming leads are sent to other members.

Do I need a website to sign up?

Technically no. We can create your listing with just your business name and description however having a website does make your listing look a bit more professional to potential clients.

Who picks where the Outpost goes?

You can choose a tightly defined area or we can pick from our partner network. We have 1000+ partner locations in high trafficked metro areas and do the leg work to place listing in optimal locations. The better your location does the longer you stay with us.

What countries do you service?

We service Canada, USA and the UK however our partner network is considerably stronger in North America. It doesn't mean we can't service our friends from across the pond just that it requires a little extra work.

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